About the Writers

Martha lives in Bellevue with her new cat, Edgar Allan Paw. (RIP, Mr. Feeny. No one holds a candle to your bow-tie wearing handsomeness.) Occasionally, Martha tricks Ed into donning a bow tie and he tolerates it for a few glorious minutes. Ed spends his days plotting the demise of that elusive red laser dot and earning more likes than Martha on Instagram.

Jaclyn lives in Omaha with her black cat, Sookie. Sookie does not wear bowties.
Jaclyn has a husband and two stepdaughters.

About four years ago, in the deodorant aisle of a local grocery store, Martha and Jaclyn pretended to work. In reality, they were quickly realizing and taking note of all the ways they were meant-to-be friends.

“Your birthday is in February? Oh my gaw, me too.”

“You have a cat? Oh my gaw, me too.”

“You’re studying English and writing and books? Oh my gaw, I did too.”

“My husband never wants to try new food.”
“Oh my gaw, my cat never wants to, either.”**
“We should probably start trying new restaurants together.”
“It’s like you’re my long lost Spirit Sister.”
“How about Spirit Sistahs?”

There forward, the Spirit Sistahs set out to try new foods and restaurants, at least once a month, with an odd affinity for hunting down the city’s best bread pudding.

This blog is their coffee-fueled attempt to share their new food experiences with friends and family.

And restaurants who want to feed them so that they write about them.

And editors who want to give them a book deal.

**Martha would like to make it clear she never did take her cat to new restaurants.
That’s just weird.

Unless you’re saying you know of a cat-friendly restaurant…